Committee Member Apps are OPEN!

Turn in applications by 5PM Friday, September 12th to Lockbox C3 in Koldus and sign up for an interview upon submission.


Email with any questions or concerns. 


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COSGA 2015 Theme

We are pleased to announce the theme for COSGA 2015!

Ever Onward: Define Your Vision, Improve Continuously, Forge Your Legacy

Our goal for COSGA 2015 is to help you develop a strong vision for yourself and your organization, steadfastly commit to continual improvement, and set a strong foundation for the next generation of leaders to press onward.

COSGA 2015 Dates

COSGA 2015 will be held February 28th-March 3rd, 2015.

COSGA 2015 Executive Staff

We are pleased to announce our Executive Staff for 2015!!

Director: Julie Craig 

Assistant Director: Mason Flannery

Committee Development: Kathryn Kalman 

Hospitality: Kate Harrison 

Operations: Raymond Schmaus 

Programming: Daniel Beard 

Promotions: Julie Lorkovic 

Coordinations: Sarah Pruski 

Follow COSGA!

Follow us on Twitter @COSGA  

Instagram @COSGA2015

And get updates before and during Conference! We're so excited to welcome you to Aggieland!

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