COSGA 2015 Theme

We are pleased to announce the theme for COSGA 2015!

Ever Onward: Define Your Vision, Improve Continuously, Forge Your Legacy

Our goal for COSGA 2015 is to help you develop a strong vision for yourself and your organization, steadfastly commit to continual improvement, and set a strong foundation for the next generation of leaders to press onward.

COSGA 2015 Dates

COSGA 2015 will be held February 28th-March 3rd, 2015.

COSGA 2015 Executive Staff

We are pleased to announce our Executive Staff for 2015!!

Director: Julie Craig 

Assistant Director: Mason Flannery

Committee Development: Kathryn Kalman 

Hospitality: Kate Harrison 

Operations: Raymond Schmaus 

Programming: Daniel Beard 

Promotions: Julie Lorkovic 

Coordinations: Sarah Pruski 

Follow COSGA!

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Instagram @COSGA2015

And get updates before and during Conference! We're so excited to welcome you to Aggieland!

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